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Ladies Required

Are you aged between

30 & 70+?


No experience?   No Problem.


Mature Darlings is always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic ladies to join our team.


As a Mature Darlings courtesan:


- You will have the ability to earn extra money


- You will be working in a friendly atmosphere


- You will be able to work hours that suit you


- You can have accommodation in house if you wish to stay overnight.


- You will be working in Newcastle's ONLY Mature Parlor


- You will have access to a comfortable staff room and outdoor area


- You will be able to work a long-term or short-term engagement


- You will receive training from experienced management and staff if required


- You will have access to a large local clientele


- You will be close to public transport.


- You will have discreet, off-street parking

You will be Self Employed & operating your own business 


Your confidentiality is totally assured, so ring us for an obligation free interview

Ladies Required | Newcastle Brothel | Mature Darlings


""This reference is being written because of my gratitude to Mature Darlings.

I have been in financial trouble with outstanding bills I simply couldn’t pay.

Being a lady in my 70s, it was very difficult to gain employment. I plucked up the courage and applied at Mature Darlings and amazingly, I was accepted.

I am now paying off my outstanding bills and have met some amazing ladies who are now close friends.

The house is a very friendly place to work and feels like family, only more caring.

I am grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity. 




""To all the ladies who are thinking of joining the industry, I welcome you to join our team here at Mature Darlings.

I was new to the industry 5 years ago when I commenced working here, full of trepidation & fear at an age that was close to 48.

I was welcomed with open arms, by the ladies working here, the staff, the owner, and the incredible site manager who guided me through my journey.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time through these years, I have found financial freedom and lacking confidence and self-esteem upon starting my journey here, which soon became the opposite even in my personal life.

So I welcome all ladies to come and join our team at Mature Darlings and enjoy your very own journey.""


 I worked in my mid 20's but left the industry for family life, After many years I plucked up  the courage to return to the industry, 


Full of trepidation I made the phone call to Mature Darlings Newcastle. I spoke with a lovely gentleman who made me feel at ease with my decision.


The next week I started my first shift, I was very nervous but once I got there the support, training, and advice from both management and staff settled my nerves.


I have worked at Mature Darling Newcastle for more than 4years. I travel around now and work at various agencies. I would never have the confidence to do that without Md's nurturing and support.   


I have gained confidence in myself and financial freedom.  I have seen myself renovate my kitchen and bathroom and give me a new lease on life. 


I thank Kim, Sue, and the staff for all their support. They have given me the confidence to make changes in my life and believe in myself. 


I will always call Mature Darlings Newcastle home and always return to a warm and genuine welcome home. 



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