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Jaqueline (Jacky)

Updated: Mar 15

Threesome Services Provider in Newcastle | Mature Darlings

Hi Guys tonight's bio is of one of our favourite ladies the Gorgeous Jacky.

This delicious lady was born in 1969 and is 49 years old. Jacky was born in the small country town of Camden to a German family of strict upbringing. Jacky is a first generation Australian and always thrived to be the best. As a young adult Jacky had different ideas when compared to the family and did not wish to pursue the family tradition of going into medicine.

Jacky dreamed of fashion and flair so with this in mind she decided to travel the world and start her own business but without the family's financial support she took to other avenues to make her dreams come true.Jacky entered the escort industry to finance her dreams, Jacky enjoys men of all ages and men are her favourite hobby so she killed to birds with one stone.Jacky got to enjoy men in all there flavours while building a nest egg. Jacky left the industry and pursued her career in fashion starting a profitable import and export fashion and accessory business .

Threesome Services Provider in Newcastle | Mature Darlings

Jacky is now semi-retired with her business flourishing she was bored. Jacky is a confirmed bachelorette but craves the company of men, she likes nothing better than to watch a man melt until he becomes puddy in her hands, her ultimate aim is to please. So Jacky has reentered the world of escorts to enjoy the large variety of gorgeous men that are available to be spoilt. Jacky is not only a very apt seductress but has expertise in both remedial and tantric massage, She loves to taking a gentleman to his limits and beyond.

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