Hi Everybody, so we are still discussing the A-Z of kinks and fetishes and today we will look at D so buckle up and lets start with D.

D is for Dominance, now we all here the words BDSM and think bondage and discipline but Dominance can be stand alone.

Dominance is all about consensual power exchange. In my opinion it is kink as it's finest. We all have our own particular self beliefs in regard to whether your a dominant personality or a submissive one when we function in our external environments, but in sexual play it can be quite exciting to either relinquish control or be a master of control depending on your preference and dominance is a way in which to explore this.

Dominance is a way in which a person allows their partner to dominate while the submissive well defer to the dominant partners wishes it is lots of fun but it must be a consensual agreement between two people. All though it has been quite talked about in recent times just remember 50 shades of grey is just a movie and as with all books it is based in fiction the reality is rarely to such an extreme. Stay tuned next week when we look at E it will be electrifying right on time for Halloween.


From A to Z, A List of Kinks and Fetishes You Should Know About

By Angie Jones

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