A message to all the beautiful people out there have a read you or someone you know maybe interested;

Mature Darlings is an establishment that prides itself on its unique and diverse range of talent. We look for ladies of all shapes and sizes aged between 30-70 ,so if your looking to venture down an exploratory path into your sexuality, want to learn some new skills for the bedroom,or if you are returning to the industry after a break give us a call. If you are a unique beauty, whether your curvy, plus size, petite or athletic, we are always on the look out for women to join our lovely establishment. As a self employed Lady that engages with our community here at Mature Darlings we want you, our clientele are always looking for something individual unique and beautiful. Here at Mature Darlings we love to look at beauty in all its forms rather than the societal standard and of what the tabloids expectations are. We offer free photo shoots to boost your advertising and confidence ,on the job sales training to help with your personal brand and and Mature Darlings works hard to maximise your earning potential and we take care of all your advertising and promotional needs not to mention free on the job training in Tantric/Lingum massage if your interested. Don't be shy lady's if your interested give us a call and have a chat with one of our lovely receptionists and or house mum.

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