Meet Lucy the newest addition to the Mature Darlings family

Meet Lucy Everyone,

This woman has it all;

Lucy originally born on a little island just off the coast of Northern Queensland called Magnetic Island. Lucy is a luscious seaside babe. While born and raised in such beautiful surrounds Lucy grew up alongside dolphins and whales and spent most of her time frolicking in the beautiful pacific ocean. A keen diver from childhood the deeper the dive the better she liked it, but like all beautiful mermaids the sea called and it was time to go adventuring to look for a mate or two, Like all mermaids Lucy was driven by the desire to mate the Luscious Lucy was never satisfied with just one, as her sexual appetites are as extensive as the sea itself so as she followed the current down the coast until she found the delicious Newcastle harbour with it's diverse range of meaty men to satisfy her lustful nature. Lucy settled in Newcastle 10 years ago and has never looked back. Eager to indulge in her sinful sexual exploration of the male and all that they have to offer she decided to join us land lovers here at Mature Darlings, so don't delay come and sea this georgous seaside creature before she

returns to the oceanic currents of the pacific.

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