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PLUS SIZE; THE BIG, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Check out our own lovely Katie;

Updated: Mar 16

Adult Service Provider Newcastle Area | Mature Darlings

If you have an eye for curves you have to love the more voluptuous ladies and here at Mature Darlings we have a lady for every taste sensation. These Ladies are by nature passionate sensual and playful and we have one of the most delightful plus size ladies that you will ever come across is

the lovely Katie. Katie is a wonderful sensual and caring woman from our very own hunter region here in NSW and is 50 years old. From childhood the lovely Katie has been all about caring and giving it is at the very core of her being. So it was only natural as she became a lovely lady with killer curves she would enter into a career where she could freely express her caring and adventurous nature, Katie is all about the love her lustful and enthusiastic nature combined with her caring and sensual nature gave her the ability's necessary to be a fantastic lady of the night. Her spiritual nature found perfect passion in the form of tantric massage in which the lovely Katie is a specialist. Katie has made a career out of her lustful caring attitude and as such is one of the longest running ladies here at MD's. That being said it means this beautiful full figured woman knows all the tricks of the trade and quite a few forbidden secrets from the orient. She will delight all your senses so don't miss out gentleman this is one beautiful treasure that must be enjoyed.

Parlors for Adult Services in Newcastle | Mature Darlings

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