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Strawberries and Cream...

Updated: Mar 16

Following on from our last blog update which contained a delicious little strawberry, we have decided to continue with our fruity themes.

Threesome Services Provider in Newcastle | Mature Darlings

Have any of my beloved readers enjoyed the succulent and divine taste of strawberries with cream?

Drop us a line to let us know, or pop in and specifically mention "strawberries with cream" to experience a new delight.

Allow the bevvy of Mature Darlings to take care of you and introduce you to their essence, their sweetness, their freshness, as your taste buds are awoken to the joys and delights of springtime.

We are here 24/7 now, with at least five ladies awaiting your visit on any of our shifts. Visit us at 22 Broadmeadow Rd, Broadmeadow, or call us on 02 4961 3444.

But what we really wish for, is for you to read our blog updates, comment and join us in fruity goodness!

.Mwah! C'est delicious! Nous attendons votre visite 24h/24, tous les jours!! ;-)

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May I ask how tall is Chantal barefoot? I find her really mesmerising

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