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The Roots of Prostitution:"Is it the oldest Profession in the world".

Updated: Mar 16

Hi All You Gorgeous Sexy People Out There,

Welcome to my first blog, I am Masked Marion and I am here at Mature Darlings and I was thinking about how to start this blog and what I wanted to say so I figured that the best way to start a blog was to look at the industry itself and present my personal opinions on the most common statement I have heard while being a part of the industry that statement is “Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world” I found myself wondering But is IT? So, today's topic is all about going back to the start “The Roots Of Prostitution”. I often here that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world so I thought I would look in to that most common of statements and here is what I found out.

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While It is commonly agreed to that prostitution has been around for a very long time no one seems to give me a solid answer as to where exactly did prostitution base its foundation/roots was it Greece? Was it Rome? or Was it China? Well according to my research the earliest references to prostitution as a profession date’s back to 2400BC. These were discovered in some Sumerian records and was first associated with the Cult of Ishtar interesting to note records were also found that described female doctors’ scribes and cooks, obviously I am a bit of a feminist lol. So it seems according to these records it is definitely not the oldest profession in the world but it is very very old (Lerner,G. 1986). It is interesting to note though that actual brothels came much later first believed to be established in China in 600BC (Bullough V & B 1978) and later in Ancient Greece in 594BC (Vallely 2006). In 1350 city’s began to institutionalise brothels they were Known as municipal Brothel’s (Rossiaud, J. 1988).

Although there is in our current global climate mixed views on prostitution and it moral dilemma there is notable changes coming, one of which is the announcement in May 2016 wherein Amnesty International called on all governments around the world to decriminalise consensual sex work (New York Times, 2016). It is currently an ongoing debate but what is for certain is that in this era everybody has a sovereign right over their own body’s, and if women or men choose to prostitute themselves and clients wish to pay for services that is their right as an individual and no one has a right to infringe on that personal freedom.

But at the end of this interesting look into the roots of prostitution and its past and current history one thing is very clear, while people look for these sought after services that the industry and all participants involved provides for consumers then “This industry is here to stay” and as for the statement that Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world looks like the answer is NO.

Well that’s my thoughts for the moment Good night beautiful People xxxx.


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Nov 14, 2019

Fascinating! 👍

Enjoyable read and love the text references. Thank you! X

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