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Intrigue into the Minds of Men; What is Sexy vs' What is beautiful?

Updated: Mar 15

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Hi Everyone, Welcome back to my blog so the question that has been on my mind is “What makes a woman appealing to a man, is it beauty or is it sexy or is it both?”. I have been pondering this for the last few nights so I thought that Masked Marion should do a bit of research on the subject and this is what I found;

Beauty is relevant, so is sexy but consensus agrees that beauty and sexy both are in the eye of the beholder. When someone looks at a woman there feelings about the particular woman are subjective and according to research, empirical observations of things perceived as beautiful often align with group consensus but although on the surface this seems to be the case, I find myself wondering how factual this is so I decided to conducted my own surveys with clientele from Mature Darlings to see if this is actually the case. I interviewed 50 male clients aged between 22 and 68 years old and ask them what they thought about firstly what they class as beautiful, secondly what they thought was sexy and how they chose their woman and why they came to our establishment.

mature is sexy
sexy and beautiful

There seemed to be a common consensus when answering these questions these where the answers these guys gave me.

When answering the first question of what they thought were beautiful and how they defined beauty 38 of the 50 male clients agreed there was a distinct difference between beauty and sexy.

A Beautiful woman is a woman who is confident in her own skin, she has a distinctive personality, she is kind and caring, it is a woman who can laugh and not take herself too seriously. It is a woman whose smile can brighten your day and make you feel good about yourself and as much as there are always cultural conventions about what is beauty the truth it seems according to my limited research is that beauty is a much more individual based concept.

As for the second question what do men find sexy well that was interesting; 42 of the clients that I interviewed all said the same thing “I am not sure but I know it when I see it because I just want to hold her and touch her and spend time with her”. The one thing they all seemed to agree on was that all sexy woman have a certain attitude of confidence within themselves and who they are. It didn’t seem to be a big issue over a particular body size or shape, although proportionate attributes seemed to improve clientele when finding a woman sexy whether they be a size 8 or a size 18. 39 of the clients also expressed interest that woman that was well presented (dressed best to her attributes) was more appealing than those that didn’t. 44 of the clients also said that confident connection was also a big factor in finding sexual appeal amongst the woman, (eye connection, a smile a lingering handshake etc;). When a woman is comfortable in her sexuality a man is generally going to respond in kind.

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beautiful and sexy

The third question supports my hypothesis that beauty and sexy is in the eye of the beholder and that confidence is key in the sexual attraction between men and women. 46 of the clienteles that were interviewed that the reason they came to a mature parlour is because firstly older woman often has much more sexual confidence than there younger counterparts. And secondly, they come to our establishment because we embrace individuality and supply diverse and unique ladies that are sexy as hell giving our clientele a variety of both beautiful and sexy women to touch base and spend time with.

So after much reading of external research and the personal interviews conducted, the final thought of the day that I have is that both beauty and a women’s sexual prowess depends as much on internal attributes as it does external attributes there is no one definition of ideal beauty and beauty and sexy does not always go hand in hand. I have found though that although societal and cultural ideologies of what is classed as beautiful and sexy in the tabloids rarely effects what an individual find’s beautiful and sexy in the privacy of the bedroom.


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