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Meet Jesse; Our own African delight

Updated: Mar 16

Hi guys, Tonight I would like to introduce you all to one of our favourite lady's Jesse. Jesse is 35 years old and is originally from South Africa being the only child of missionary's, Jesse was raised in the beautiful and remote Savannah region of Tamzania in South Africa. Living in such a remote community Jesse either spent her time being home schooled or looking after the many animals that came to stay at the animal sanctuary in the region. Jesse has an affinity for animals and loves nothing better than taming the beast within.

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In 2007 Jesse left the wild Savannah and decided for a sea change and lucky for us Australia was her destination. Jesse misses her small remote community where she played with elephants, goats, donkeys and even the occasional lion cub and all manner of creatures in the sanctuary. But Jesse has since found something to fill the void of home; Australian men is her new found hobby, Jesse cannot get enough, like her wild delights from home that kept her entertained in her youth Jesse is enamoured with the diversity of men here in Australia. In late 2019 Jesse decided to enter the escort Industry to be able to explore and experience all that Australia has to offer in the realm of men. So gentlemen let's welcome this wonderful lady, come and meet this beautiful woman from the wilds of the savannah in South Africa, while Jesse is very new to the industry, Jesse is full of passion and new found lust for the forbidden fruits of sinful pleasure that Australian men have to offer.

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1 comentário

Was amazing and very friendly

Was more than willing to do all sorts of extras and offered many natural services

Would recommend Jesse fior anyone looking for that girlfriend experience without condoms

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